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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is material handling included in the cost to ship my freight?

A: No, material handling is not associated with the shipping of your material. You must send your freight bill-of-lading pre-paid.

Q: Is there a specific carrier I should use to ship my material?

A: Exhibitors are free to use whatever carrier they like.

Q: How do I prepare for outbound shipping at the close of the show?

A: You can pick up a bill-of-lading at the service desk. Each shipment should have a bill-of -ading, providing us with information on where and how you're shipping your freight. 

Q: What furnishings are provided with my booth space?

A: It depends if there is a booth package. This will be listed in the Exhibitor Service Kit under booth package and exhibit times. If there is a package, it will list the furnishings that are included at no extra cost.

Q: Can I substitute a table that is included with the booth space?

A: No, there are no substitutions for any furniture. If you need an item that is not listed in the booth package, you must order that item at the published rate.

Q: May I place my order in advance and pay for when I arrive at the show site?

A: As with most vendors, CEMS requires full payment when the order is placed. We require a credit card authorization form (located in your Exhibitor Service Kit) to be on file with us. Orders received without payment will not be processed.

Q: What options do I have for payment?

A: CEMS accepts payment by:

Credit cards: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Checks with proper ID.

Cash: Please do not mail cash. We will gladly accept cash payments at the show. Cash must be the exact amount of total.

Q: Does carpet come with my booth or must I order it?

A: Carpet is included in your booth space only if it is listed as an item in your contract, or the exhibit hall has pre-existing carpet. The CEMS sheet from your Exhibitor Service Kit list all items provided with your booth purchase.

Q: Is padding available for my booth?

A: Yes, but padding must be ordered separately. Refer to the price list included in your Exhibitor Service Kit.

Q: Where can I order items not listed on the Exhibitor Service Kit for my booth?

A: Special orders can be made by contacting the Rentals Department at or (956) 702-4926.

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